6 SEO Tips to Optimize Your Product Listings

6 SEO Tips To Optimize Your Product Listings

There are many SEO optimization techniques you can use to boost your organic search rankings. If you’re selling a product, you want people notice it. That means your product listings need to be optimized to attract the eye of potential buyers. Also, SEO can help get your product listed in the first place. But if you want your product to show up in the search results, your listings need to be optimized.

Here are 6 important points to boost product listings and increase conversion!

The Meta Title tag

It’s good for SEO, but also for click-through rate. Here are some tips to optimize it:

[Product Name]: in stock, fast shipping

Cheap [Product Name]

Remember to also write a meta description with a keyword and a call to action.

The URL of The Product

Most trading tools allow you to customize your product page URL. An SEO-friendly URL could be: /category/product-name.html

The Trail of Breadcrumbs

Useful for navigation, it is essential for SEO.

It shows the last two subcategories if your website contains many sublevels. Remember also to include the data listed below.


Images make conversion easier, but also positioning through Google Images! Remember to carefully choose the name of the photos (for example, the name of the product) and fill in the alt attribute.

Add Microdata

Microdata allows search engine bots to understand what the web, page, and content are about.

Depending on the microdata filled in, you will benefit from a specific positioning in the SERP.

Internal Linking

Recommending your other products through links on your page allows you to create an ideal link for SEO.

Propose products from the same subcategory to reinforce the topic of the page

I hope these tips are useful to you.


Here are 6 SEO tips that improve your product listings. SEO tips are great, but when used improperly can do more harm than good. Be careful when you are working on it.

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